Coping with injuries and disabilities can be tough. But at least now you can do it with a little more comfort and a lot more style. With the Orthoeze range of fun and stylish cast covers, crutch covers and arm slings, we aim to make your recovery as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Daily Living Aids

Our sock aid helps those suff­ering from limited mobility and/or flexibility to achieve this daily task and our leg lifter aid assists people with limited mobility to easily move their own legs without the assistance of another person.

Exclusive designs to brighten your day or light up your night

Our wide range of exclusive fabric designs suit all ages and help to put smiles on the faces of those that may need a little cheering up. Our covers and slings also make the perfect accessory for that special occasion or event.

Made for comfort

Our cast covers, crutch covers and arm slings are made using good quality, breathable, moisture-wicking Lycra® fabric. The wicking material draws moisture away from the body ensuring you stay cool and dry. By using Lycra®, our covers and slings are also:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable, retaining their shape after many uses
  • Easy to care for
  • Quick drying

Our mission

Our mission is to bring comfort and colour to the lives of those recovering from an injury or living with a disability.  We aim to brighten our customer's day with fun and stylish products that are also high quality, durable and thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort.

With an expanding distribution network, including our own online store, we aim to make our products as accessible and affordable as possible so that anyone can enjoy comfort and style when they need it most.

We are fully committed to researching and developing Australian made products that may be beneficial to some, bring comfort to others and improve the overall wellbeing of those in need.

Australian made to the highest quality

We are proud to say that anything produced under the Orthoeze name is solely manufactured in Australia. We have carried out lengthy trials on all of our products and have taken into account all constructive feedback, to ensure we offer the best possible products of the highest quality. We stand behind our product and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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