Balanced Collar & Cuff Arm Sling

Providing adults and children with comfortable, fun and stylish support, our balanced collar and cuff sling is recommended for:

  • Bone, muscular or ligament injuries to the ribs, arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand
  • Some upper limb fractures, including clavicle fractures and some proximal or mid-shaft humeral fractures
  • Arm support following surgical or non surgical correction (especially in conjunction with a cast or brace)
  • Emergency first aid situations to support a fracture or dislocation awaiting physician intervention
  • Compound fractures as no pressure is put on the bone sticking our of the arm
  • Shoulder injuries including dislocation fractured scale or clavicle, subluxations or sprains
  • Arm support post cast removal

Seek professional advice for the type of sling best suited to your injury.

Made for comfort

Made from soft foam, covered with high quality, breathable, moisture-wicking Lycra® fabric, our balanced collar and cuff arm slings provide strong, comfortable support.  The tubular covered neck pad stops the sling from cutting into the neck, providing optimal patient comfort.

Benefits for recovery

  • Provides effective support at the elbow and wrist, without obscuring the affected limb and without applying any force to the injured side
  • Designed to suspend a user's arm, with or without a cast
  • Limits shoulder motion to improve fracture alignment
  • Holds the arm across and up in front of the chest - ideal for when pressure cannot be put on the elbow
  • Comfortably immobilises injured shoulders, elbows and wrists

Easy to use

Your balanced collar and cuff arm sling can be used on the left or right arm or shoulder.  It can also be worn under or outside clothing.  It is easy to adjust to customise for your specific needs; for example, you can change the angle of arm bend simply by adjusting the length of the sling.

The balanced collar and cuff arm sling is available in three sizes:

  • Small (140 cm total length)
  • Medium (160 cm total length)
  • Large (180 cm total length).

Included with your sling is:

  • a safety pin
  • two tie fasteners

To fit your balanced collar and cuff sling, follow these simple steps:

  • Place the injured arm through the existing sling loop
  • Bring the opposite end of the sling around the neck
  • Pass the end down over the forearm close to the elbow, forming a loop
  • Fasten with the safety pins or ties provided

Caring for your sling

  • If necessary, spot clean only using a clean damp cloth
  • Do not soak, bleach, spin dry, iron or tumble dry
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight